The Assessment Framework

The Assessment Framework

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The HR Accreditation Board and Panels ensure proper development, operations and assessment of the Singapore HR Accreditation Scheme.

The HR Accreditation Board
The HR Accreditation Assessment Panel
The HR Accreditation Ethics & Appeal Panel

The above consist of representatives from:

  • SHRI Executive Council
  • Ministry/Statutory Board
  • Business Community
  • HR Community
Board Assessment Panel Ethics & Appeal Panel
  • To confer accredited status to successful applicants
  • To review application of re-accreditation and to
    re-confer to successful applicants (3 years renewal)
  • To conduct annual reviews of the HR Accreditation
  • To assess application of HR Accreditation
  • To interview applicants
  • To review and recommend applicants
    to the HR Accreditation Board
  • To review feedback, appeals
    and complaints received
  • To make the appropriate recommendations
    to the HR Accreditation Secretariat
    and HR Accreditation Board

HR Accreditation Secretariat – SHRI

  • To propose nomination, renewal and accreditation of HR professionals
  • To keep proper records and database of accredited individuals
  • To undertake all administration duties & tasks directly / indirectly pertaining to HR Accreditation (Appeals, Correspondences, Promotions

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