About SHRI

About SHRI

Established in 1965, Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI) is a leading, not-for-profit, professional HR body, which represents over 3,000 members, comprising individuals and organisations across various industries.


Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI) was officially registered on 24 November 1965, under its original name, Singapore Institute of Personnel Management (SIPM), by a core of dedicated pioneers in personnel management and industrial relations with 34 members. A full-time SIPM Secretariat was set up on 1 March 1984 with two staff members – an Administrator and an Administrative Assistant. In August 1984, an Academic Board was set up to oversee the Diploma in Human Resource Management (HRM) Programme. In 1993, the Institute’s name was changed to Singapore Institute of Human Resource Management (SIHRM). A year later, members of the Industrial Relations Society (Singapore) were absorbed into SIHRM and in 1998, the Institute’s name took on its present form.

Products, Initiatives & Shared services

SHRI comprises different core products and services; SHRI Academy, SHRI Corporate Learning & Consultancy Hub, SHRI Capability Development Centre and The Singapore Professionals’ & Executives’ Co-operative (SPEC). These services aim to promote continuous learning, upgrading and professional development.

Committed to promulgating and maintaining high standards of professionalism in human resource management and development, SHRI drives the HR agenda. We link and connect HR professionals and practitioners locally and overseas through our signature events and membership activities. We provide a comprehensive suite of events, conferences, seminars, dialogues and sharing sessions that serve as a springboard for corporations and individuals to find their own breakthroughs and transformations from discussions, exchanges, learning and networking.

With a wide-ranging educational curriculum and adult training courses, we advocate a culture of continual life-long learning and skill-upgrading to enhance and enable knowledge acquisition and skills development at both corporate and individual levels. Our academic programmes and workshops are customised to cater to the dynamic learning needs of the current workforce. SHRI aims to reach out to the different stratums of the workforce: from professionals, managers, executives, technicians (PMETs) to mature and retrenched workers as well as those under-going career transitions. We seek to provide them with resources and avenues to enhance their competency and maintain employability.

Some of our core initiatives include: National Workplace Happiness Survey, Singapore HR Awards, Singapore HR Challenge and Singapore HR Congress & Business-Connect Exposition.

Organised by SHRI, the 11th World HR Congress and Business-Connect Exposition 2006 recorded a high point for the HR profession in Singapore. The event attracted 2,000+ delegates from 60+ countries – the highest number ever recorded in the history of WFPMA’s World HR Congresses. The exposition was also the largest HR show in Singapore, with more than 90 exhibitors representing the human capital industry. The event was graced by Prime Minister Mr. Lee Hsien Loong. Subsequently, SHRI launched its inaugural, local and international event: Singapore HR Congress & Business-Connect Exposition.

SHRI’s Centre for Shared Services addresses the needs of organisations, SHRI members, HR and business communities who seek to streamline their operating procedures and manpower. The Centre serves to provide a one-stop platform to seek credible services and includes: room rental, employment agency and a range of advertising platforms.


SHRI has collaborations and affiliations with organisations such as: Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (ASME), Ministry of Manpower (MOM), National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) and The Singapore Chinese, Indian and Malay Chambers of Commerce & Industry.

In addition, we maintain close relationships with Health Promotion Board (HPB), Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA), The Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board (SPRING Singapore) and have collaborated with The Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

SHRI is an active contributor to the global HR community, having held the office of President of the Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resource Management (APFHRM) for the 2005-2006 term.

Singapore became the third country after the USA and the UK, where SHRI as its national HR representative was appointed Secretary-General and Treasurer of the World Federation of Personnel Management Associations (WFPMA) for the term 2006-2008.

Vision & Mission

In line with our vision to be the leading HR authority in Singapore, championing human capital excellence, SHRI is committed to advocating HR best practices, connecting a community of HR professionals and enhancing the HR profession.

50th Anniversary

In 2015, SHRI celebrates a momentous occasion: 50 years of championing human capital excellence.

For five decades, SHRI’s brand has been synonymous with advancing and professionalising the HR profession, standards and practices. SHRI has relentlessly advocated the development of appropriate standards of human resource management and development which reflect global conditions and interests of the workforce. The Institute has stayed committed to preparing current and successive generations of people to compete and thrive in a globalised future, thereby supporting Singapore’s growth into a world class nation.

As the pioneer of promulgating transformations of the HR brand, SHRI is now onto the next phase of powering human capital to catapult organisations and individuals into developing and grooming people in the new economy. In your continuous quest for experiential learning and knowledge, we hope you will fully tap on and benefit from the opportunities and resources made available to you at SHRI.

We wish you every success and enjoyment in your journey of knowledge acquisition.